Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday

Day lilies are now blooming where earlier in spring a bed of lily of the valley bloomed. Sweet potato vines which is one of my favorites. Only plant I bought this year.

Hollyhocks that I started from seed four years ago and they reseed each year. They are named black hollyhocks but are actually a deep purple
Day lilies and hostas where earlier my tulips were blooming.

Close up of hollyhock bloom. These are much bushier than I had thought they would be.

Love these lilies.

Also love these. You can see my perennial geranium in lower right corner. It has already bloomed.

More hostas, some ferns and my rhododendron which was lovely when in bloom but the extreme hot weather in May cause the bloom to died sooner than usual.

Planted marigold in the swan and they are doing well. This planter gets so hot during summer that not many things grow well in it.

Lilies, peonies and in upper left corner a clematis that needs a trellis soon.

Nasturtiums that I was hoping would be multi colored but seem to be bright orange.

Love clematis and have several in my yard.

This bed is coneflower, daisies, black eyed susans and day lilies. I really should thin the plants but just can't seem to pull them! :)

Day lilies, setum, hostas and ornimental grass.

More marigolds and cala lilies. The lily bulbs are not very good because blooms should be larger.

Burning bush my friend gave me last year when my bother passed. I will cherish this plant.

Day lilies, hostas and hen and chicks.

Holly hocks, and on the left is dahlia. Holy hocks hide the reserection lilies pm the right but when they bloom the holly hocks should be done. Columbine and weeds in right corner.

More lilies and they are red when blooming. They were bought from our city park plant sale and are such sturdy plants. More clematis on each side of arbor.

Butterfly bush and hanging basket of marigolds.

This trellis will soon be full of red rose bloom. This plant used to be more full but I am hard on roses.

More roses are beginning to climb here but wanted to show the bird house my little grandson gave me a couple years ago. I finally got it hung.

Cala lily that is much smaller than most lilies. Must be cheap bulbs!

Went to church with a friend and out to lunch. Home now and planning to work in yard because it is such a beautiful day. Wanted to share some of the plants in my yard since I have loved seeing my friend Lee's garden.


  1. Awesome post!! Love seeing all the pics and in just a couple days I will see them in person :) I especially love the 6th picture. Great color and composition.

  2. WOW, Gloria, you have a LOT of plants! You've done wonderful with all the plantings, looks like you have plants in every nook and corner of your yard. Your Hollyhock looks like glass, it is so sooooooo pretty. I know what you mean about the burning bush being special. Doesn't it turn red in the winter? Wouldn't it be nice to have some birds nest in the birdbox next year. Your clematis is just beautiful. It is so funny, you and I have so many of the same plants in our gardens. I don't have the bushes or hosta though. I have pink calla lilies growing, they were cheap bulbs, no bloom yet on them.