Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great to be Outside

It has been too hot, humid or rainy to be in yard much this spring and summer so today it was great to get out and work in yard.

This is a flower bed outside my back door. It will soon be full of blooms of Daisies, Black eyed Susans and Cone flowers. The bees love this spot!!!

I am very fond of hostas and setum. So easy to maintain and love the lush greens. The bush is a burning bush which will turn red in late summer or early fall. A friend gave it to me when my brother passed.

Love to spend time in back yard but weather has not been good for that this summer. Need to get a new umbrella so I can enjoy eating and reading here.

1 comment:

  1. Gloria, I would love to come and sit with you in your backyard. Everything looks lovely. I can't wait to see the burning bush in the Fall. Be sure to post pictures after the Black Eyed Susans bloom.